Web Surfing – Day 22

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28-Day Personal Challenge

I do a lot of web surfing. We all do, I’m sure. It’s part curiosity and part my desire to learn new things.

For Post #22 of the 28-Day Challenge, I’m going to share just a few of my surfing sessions over the past two days.


The weather has been rainy off and on and I’m not a rain person. I might be okay with it if I had the proper gear for exercising in it, but I don’t. My tennis shoes are very light mesh-like fabric on top. I can feel the wind, which will be great in the summer, but not so great right now when I want my tootsies to stay warm. My because of the fabric, my feet don’t stay dry if it’s raining. Or if I splash a little water while doing dishes. Or if my cat sneezes. So yeah, I don’t have the right gear. That’s okay.

It’s not good to do the same routine day-after-day, your body gets used to it. So the past few days I’ve been looking for different cardio exercises on YouTube. I’m not going to post the videos I watched.

I do caution you, go with your gut, some people think they can teach exercise and they shouldn’t. I would recommend that if the person doesn’t normally post exercise videos maybe they are more of a lifestyle YouTuber, don’t do their exercises.

Your gut comes in handy when you start a video and immediately question the person teaching the exercises. I ran across this issue this morning, I won’t share the video, but clearly the girl is not trained to lead others. I chose a dance course for beginners and the first move was stiff and jarring on the joints. No count down, her friend didn’t know when to transition, neither did I, and it was not dancing, it was I don’t know what. So I bailed and tried a different video.

The Takeaway

Pick a few, so if one fails you have a backup ready to go. Like the channels that you feel comfortable with, and of course, always talk with your doctor first.

Knee Physical Therapy Moves

My knees have been a bit weak, so I took to the internet to find exercises to strengthen them. Since they are weak, I decided to go for some physical therapy style exercises because I know those are more targeted to the muscles around the knees. Two of the sites I visited are:

AGAIN: Check with your doctor first!

Web Surfing For Work

Once I got my exercises taken care of, I’ve been on the hunt for a novel writing software.

Scrivener is the biggie that most people prefer. I’m not a big fan. I don’t know why I’m just not. It’s a great program, but I’m not attracted to it. I stumbled upon WaveMaker and I’m liking the interface. The link is the homepage, but in the upper left of the page, you can go to one of the other tabs and gather some more information before downloading. It’s free. Sweet!

An app that I use regularly on my phone and its web counterpart is WorkFlowy. Incredibly easy and simplistic, it makes organizing notes and creating lists a breeze. I’ve been using it for some time, but I decided to give the website a whirl and it’s just as simple and clean.

While writing I noticed that in some sections I write burned and in some I write burnt. Which got me to wondering which was the better usage of the word.

Merriam-Webster says: ‘Burned‘ is the usual past tense of ‘burn‘, but ‘burnt‘ is common in many contexts when the past participle is used as an adjective (“burnt toast”). Both are acceptable forms.

Writing Explained has a post here on the difference.

Simply put, “burnt” is a British American version that is falling out of style. The rest of the world prefers “burned.” I happen to prefer burnt and I’m not British.


I also went web surfing for a place to stay when I head back to Montana for my 30th High School Reunion. That is crazy, I’m having a difficult time accepting it’s been thirty years. However, I’m looking forward to seeing my classmates. We had a great class.

A few other things I went web surfing for over these past few days:

  • What the heck is the 1098-T form? It’s a tax form for college that my boys need to do on their taxes.
  • Green Smoothie Recipes – I had some spinach I wanted to use up before it went bad.
  • I went shopping for a new tub stopper and ended up getting an overflow drain cover too, to give us a few more inches in the tub. I can fill the tub enough now, that my legs float. Bliss.
  • I looked up more recipes for salads
  • And I searched for directions to a new store I wanted to visit.

Where did you go Web Surfing?

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