Easy Challenge – Day 19

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28-Day Personal Challenge

Easy Challenge

I have an easy challenge for you.

For the sake of clarity, no, I’m not talking about my personal 28-day challenge. For people who create content every day, I can assure you they do not enjoy every day nor they do not feel like creating every day. I’m willing to bet that there are days they write multiple pieces of content and schedule it out for a break. I know this because I’m not feeling today, reference Day 16, the pain is real. However, I missed two days and I’m not quitting and I can’t bear the thought of missing another. Pushing on.

Whoops, back on track

The other day, I did something for a family member and it reminded me that we all like to feel needed. My babies are off at college (please don’t tell them I called them that) and I’m not needed as often as I was when they were home.

All parents are excited and happy when their offspring grow up, move out, and navigate life without parental supervision. However, it doesn’t take long before we feel like backburner after-thoughts.

What Can We Do?

Well, I have an easy challenge for everyone, and for me too.

Think of what your parents or grandparents do/did before retiring. Come up with one question that they can help you with.

Granted, times change and information or techniques can become obsolete. We get that, but I think most people would be surprised to know that something our Grandparents did eighty- or ninety- years ago can still be useful today.

My mother-in-law was a medical transcriptionist and I’ve been curious about what kind of fish oil supplement might be best. My parents-in-law have been taking cod liver oil supplements for a crazy long time. Both have healthy hearts and at 86 and 91 years old, they still have darn good memory banks. So I’m going to ask my mother-in-laws opinion on a few brands to see which she recommends. Not only did she do research and she stays on top of supplement news, but she’s also a great walking advertisement for the benefits of cod liver oil. Will it work for me? I don’t know, so I’ll try it for a year or more and see what happens.

Start The Challenge

It’s an easy challenge. If you think it’s stupid, stop and think about the last person that asked your advice or input on something. It made you feel good, didn’t it? That’s the whole point behind this challenge. Make someone feel good. It can be family, friends, or strangers.

Take a few minutes to ask one tiny question. Maybe their best tip for removing a stubborn stain, their best thought on ergonomic keyboards, think of something and ask someone for their input. Don’t argue, just listen. If you find out that the tip isn’t going to work for you, don’t use it.

I have my question and I’m texting my MIL as soon as I post this. Go make someone’s day and ask for input. Genuine input. I know my mother-in-law knows her stuff, I’m confident she’ll give me a good answer. I get information and I’m also reminding my mother-in-law that she’s still one smart cookie. That she’s needed.

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