Below is a portion of my portfolio. For more information on my business writing skills please contact me at Diane (at) DianeDeMasi (dot) com.

(One of my first ten pieces published and which still holds a soft spot in my heart all these years later: How to Approach a Parent of Twins at TwinsTalk)

Beyond The Diaper Years first appeared in Sacramento Parent

Chicken Soup for the Soul Podcast – Featured No One Listened on Podbean

Tame the Idea Influx – Guest Post at DIY MFA

Five Websites for Writers to Geek Out Over – Guest Post at DIY MFA

The Relief – Short Story at Pif Magazine

Five Reasons to Write that Project Now – Guest post at DIY MFA

Five Life Problems Only Writers Understand – Guest post at DIY MFA

Five Places to Write Yourself Out of a Funk – Guest post at DIY MFA

Visuals and Perseverance – Guest post on TheRunnerDad

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions

Get healthy During the Sports Season Shuffle – Appeared in For Parents Online

Who Came First Michiana First appeared in September 2013 Michiana Family Magazine

Childhood Vaccination Exemptions Are Harmful – The Puyallup Herald

Fundraisers Have Changed – The Herald

Won the Write in the Valley Short Story Contest in September 2012

Selected as a guest columnist for a year in 2011 with a local newspaper, The Puyallup Herald.

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