ReTool The Plan – Day 14

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28-Day Personal Challenge

I was thrown a few curve balls this weekend, so I need to retool the plan, the 28-day personal challenge plan. However, I will not quit because I missed two days, sometimes ambiguity works in my favor. I said I would create 28 days of content in February. Hmm, so I guess that wasn’t as ambiguous as I recall.

I am still going to create 28 posts before the end of this month. I just have to double up on a few days.

Marissa Bracke wrote a post: The Three Day Rule of Effective Habits – and I’m on board. I didn’t miss three days, just two. Hope is alive!

Another post of encouragement, this one is by Jason Gutierrez, Good Habits Take Time.

The Weekend

The weekend came in well enough. My husband and I had a great Valentine’s Day. We went to a local Mexican restaurant and shared No Names and a Bulldog. I had to word it that way, it’s too fun not to. No Names are the name of an appetizer they created. And a Bulldog is a Margharita on the rocks with a small bottle of Corona upside down in the glass.

Then we came home and watched some comedies. Best Valentine’s Day ever. I think I say that every year.


Ah, Saturday, my husband had a wisdom tooth pulled. This should not have affected my blog writing, but it did. I discovered what my husband is like on drugs and alcohol. There’s a reason you don’t take a pain killer with alcohol.

My husband took an anti-anxiety pill prior to the procedure. He was, of course, numbed up very well. Since he’d taken the anti-anxiety tablet I drove him to the dentist and back home from the dentist. I left him, unattended, while I went to the store to stock up on all the necessities.

The first day he was supposed to eat nothing hot. Only cold smooth things, like ice cream, yogurt, pudding, etc… Of those things he couldn’t have fruit on the bottom of the yogurt or nuts in the ice cream, it all had to be smooth.

While I shopped, the pharmacy filled his antibiotic prescription and his pain killer prescription.

At home, I gave my husband his pain med…Ibuprofen 800. What I didn’t realize is that he’d had a Vodka and orange juice while I was out. My husband rarely takes any pain medication. I can’t even remember the last time he took an Advil or aspirin. Because he rarely takes them, they work very well on him. Add to it some alcohol and no solid food to absorb it and I have the most talkative and loving husband ever. And wobbly.

He played Scrabble with me, I didn’t have the heart to leave him unattended while I ran up and wrote, so I waited until the medication and alcohol left his system and then waited until he finally fell asleep. Which, by that time, I was wiped, mentally. No writing on Saturday.


Not a great day. I have some issues of my own that flared up and I was pretty much down and out. My husband is healing fast and well and thankfully didn’t need any more pain meds. I just had to keep reminding him to take his antibiotic. No writing on Sunday.

Here We Are…

Today, I was beating myself up. I had a plan and I derailed. Therefore, I completely and utterly failed.

That’s not how you get through life. The only way to get through is to pick up and carry on. So I’m picking up and figuring out how to retool the plan.

I could just miss two days of content, but that doesn’t seem like a great idea since I labeled this whole thing as the 28-Day Personal Challenge. Or, I could extend the plan into March. Which doesn’t sound like something I want to do either. So, it’s my plan, I have to ability to revise as I see fit. I’ll double up two days.

That’s not a failure. It’s definitely not an A+, but its effort and effort is what will help me succeed. So, that’s the retooled plan.

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