Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

I haven’t fallen off the health wagon completely. I’m holding onto the underside of the carriage in hopes of working my way back up. As I wiggle and squirm to hold on, I’ll share what the benefits of exercise are for me:

When I exercise regularly – I feel better.

When I feel better – I sleep better

When I sleep better – I wake up earlier

When I wake up earlier – I write more

When I write more – I accomplish more

When I accomplish more in the day – I feel successful

When I feel successful – I challenge myself

When I challenge myself – I feel mentally invigorated

When I feel mentally invigorated – I feel more confident

When I feel more confident – I run further

When I run further – I’m more energetic

When I’m more energetic – I’m less cranky

When I’m less cranky – I worry less

When I worry less – I’m more positive

When I’m more positive – I’m happy

When I’m happy – I exercise regularly

       I just got my foot in a foot-hold. As I climb the side of the wagon in hopes of reaching the driver’s seat please share your reasons for exercise and how it impacts your life.

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       Yes, benefits go beyond smaller clothes and vanity, dig deep, what does it do for you?

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