My 3 Favorite YouTube Channels

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YouTube – The Candy Store of Videos

I realize I’m a bit behind the game, but I’ve fallen for YouTube and for a few YouTube Channels.

Once I discovered how easy it was to find videos showing how to fix things, I dove in. And promptly got sucked into a raging river of video fun.

It started innocently enough when my coffee maker wouldn’t brew for me anymore. It was too new to die, too cheap to pay someone to fix, and too vital for my morning routine to give up on. It’s also important to note, I refuse to replace something that should still work. If there’s a way to fix it, I will find it and take care of it. Or I’ll find the way to fix it and send the link to my husband so he can take care of the problem. I’m generous in the sharing department.

After I found a video that seemed reputable, I went to the kitchen and fixed my coffee pot. I was sold! However, you have to pay attention, there are many crappy YouTube Channels out there – I’m looking at you 5-minute Crafts.

I discovered funny YouTube channels and scary YouTube Channels. I discovered helpful YouTube Channels and utterly non-helpful YouTube Channels.

The biggest discovery was that there is something for everyone. And they are all in one location, no website hopping, just sit back and while/waste away the hours.

Plenty to Choose

I watch tons of videos. I can watch a funny fail video one moment and then watch a horrifying home invasion video the next.

There’s only so much laughter and horror a person can endure. The laughter makes me happy until I realize I didn’t complete the tasks I had planned for the day. The horror makes me nervous, I have to take breaks from true crime because it’s too much. If I watch too much, I have little faith in humanity and go about daily tasks giving everyone the side-eye look of suspicion.

My Three Favorite YouTube Channels

While I have to be careful not to waste my time and take breaks from horrifying crimes, there are three YouTube channels that I watch nearly every day.

Yoga With Adriene

I have been following Adriene’s channel for five years now. The first few years I did yoga sporadically, then bumped it up to about once a week, now, I’m doing yoga 6-days a week.

I tried a few other channels, but Adriene gives the right amount of variety for me. Some days I get a relaxing session, some days, my yoga is tested. She has a great mix of videos with a variety of time frames.

TEDx Talks

These videos run under twenty minutes, mostly. Now, I will say, I’ve been watching a lot of the older videos on the channel, but I’m sure the new videos have a wide variety of talks still.

I have a preference for the videos on creative things, like Graham Shaw’s Why People Believe They Can’t Draw. Nothing like a fun video to learn and boost some confidence.

Wonderhussy Advertures

I love exploring abandoned places. I haven’t been at it much lately, but I’m changing that this spring and summer.

Wonderhussy (Sarah) explores abandoned places and she does a phenomenal job giving a little bit of history and keeping the camera steady and getting a smooth slow shot. She has this down.

Honorable Mentions

I’ve decided to make an effort with my makeup. I have makeup application issues, okay. So, I really enjoy both Tati and Allie Glines for their makeup tips and their drugstore/affordable makeup picks.

What are your favorite YouTube Channels and why? Please let me know so I can explore.

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