Challenge Check-in: Day 10

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28-Day Personal Challenge

I think I need a challenge check-in.

Depending on the challenge you’ve decided to tackle, you may or may not see results within ten days. And that can be incredibly frustrating.

I did an ab challenge once and it went well, possibly because I could see the difference and I could feel the difference, so I didn’t need to check-in.

I’ve also done writing challenges where, eh, I sometimes did okay. If someone was looking for my writing then I did well. If I was accountable only to myself, I didn’t finish the challenge.

This is kind of a mix. I’m doing this challenge for myself, yet, I’m posting it publicly, so there’s a bit of accountability. It would be embarrassing if I didn’t complete my own challenge. However, I’m not sharing the posts on social media. In a way, I’m in a void. I’m doing this, but don’t have anyone commenting with “Keep it going, Diane.”

Am I Succeeding with the Challenge?

With no comments, it can get lonely. Some days I feel like not following through. Especially, if it’s been a long day and I’m exhausted and want to park my rear on the couch.

Other days, I glance through the prior posts and I feel accomplished. Are all the posts fabulous? Pfft, no. And, yet, I’m putting in the effort. I’m creating content of different varieties, working on increasing my SEO abilities, finding my niche and finding my voice.

Today, I wanted to skip. That’s when I decided all challenges need a challenge check-in day or two…or three.

The question became, how do I measure? I mean obviously, I’m doing the work, I set an intention to create 28 days of blog content. I’m doing that.

But is that good enough?

Initially, yes. I think that is good enough. When I look deeper, I see a few things that make me happy.

I am trying to give tips to others. Not sure if they are helpful, but I’m making a conscious effort to try and offer something in the posts. For example, yesterday’s post touched on dog bites.

In that post, I highlighted my disdain of the line, “He doesn’t bite.” I gave reasons why that line does nothing for me. AND, I included links on where people can find information to avoid dog bites for both the owner – how to prevent it and the person accosted by the dog – how to possibly avoid it.

Digging A Little Deeper

Also, I’ve discovered, I’m a huge proponent for the bare basics. I never realized how far off track I get, until I go back to the basics of whatever I’m struggling with.

I realize, I really enjoy encouraging people to step back. To not worry about having all the equipment or knowledge they feel they should possess to do something they desire.

Can I do something with that? I don’t know. I’m mulling it over.

As I thought about what I could do with that, I came across a blog post by Julie Briggs – The Joy of Simplicity. She gives tips for cutting back all the extras in your exercise. I think she’s spot on. It also reflects my belief that things are over-complicated. It’s all about the Basics.

So far, I think this personal challenge is helping me. Taking time to review what I’ve put out so far, gives me a spark of joy. I may have to remind myself about this in four days when I hit the middle where things tend to bog down, but that’s okay.

This is supposed to be simple. Just write and learn. And check-in when needed.

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