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Life is always hectic and even when it’s not, the overabundance that people assume means fun can be wearying.

Tractor and Flags

Tractor and Flags

Case in point the fair. The big fair for whatever area you live in. It comes once a year. The kids get excited, the parents cringe at the ever increasing cost.

What if you didn’t do everything that was expected? What if you didn’t ride all the rides and eat all the food and just enjoyed the sights and sounds and smells? I did that this last Friday.

I got up and wound my way through back streets (the main path of familiarity was closed for the parade route). I found a parking spot on the street. Read that as “free.” yes it meant walking some distance, but I need exercise anyway. TIP: When you park way away from an event and worry, you might not find your car afterward, download Runkeeper. No running required. Just open the app, start it and when you get to the main gate or entrance, turn it off and save the activity. You now have a map back to your vehicle.

I lined up to watch the Rodeo Parade. You know what’s nice about smaller parades? They are simple. Less people crowding the streets, less fluff, less overly decorated floats, and yet, you don’t feel like you’re missing out. The joy of the people participating in the parade and the joys of kids lined up on the streets all make for a fulfilling event. For parents with younger kids, the shorter parade means less sore butts and bored kiddos. The kids are still excited to wave to the firemen and the bands and the pretty females on their decorated horses. Since they don’t have to wait hours for the parade to start (if you’re not there early, you don’t get a front viewing spot) and another hour plus during the parade, they don’t get as antsy. Which makes the experience more enjoyable for the whole family.


After the parade, I meandered over to the fair entrance and entered. Now normal admission is $12.50, but during this particular day entry was free with a donation of school supplies. So not totally free, but I gave pens, pencils, markers, and notebooks to a good cause rather than just blowing money on entry fees.

You know what I spent the next few hours doing? Wandering through all the livestock barns, checking out the Hobby Hall, the fair museum, the food vendors, the games, the booths enticing people with old time photos and sand bottles and wax hands, and the rides.


I bought a lunch and enjoyed it under the shade of a huge tree. I people watched. I eavesdropped. I heard about the rides people wanted to go on: The new roller coaster, the Extreme Scream, the bungee ride that they would do if they could afford it. I heard people decide which fair food was worth spending their money on: the onion burgers, the curly fries, the roasted corn. I heard teens with adult worries, “No, I’m not walking there, we have to be at the bus by 1:00 and I don’t want to be late.” To be fair, the gal had a good hour and forty-five minutes, but I appreciate her concern for promptness. I heard little kids squeal like they’d seen a celebrity when cowboys and cowgirls trotted by on horses.

1908 Sears Roebuck Catalog

1908 Sears Roebuck Catalog

I wandered by the rides and watched people come off laughing or swearing they’d never do that again. I watched teens having fun even though they weren’t on rides, they enjoyed hanging out and taking in the experience.

In the end, I went home feeling content and happier than any other time I went to the fair with the intentions of “doing the whole shebang.” The simplicity kept the day calm and not shelling out pockets of money made me appreciate how much I enjoyed just hanging out and enjoying the sights, sounds, and experience.

What experience that could easily be over-abundant (money-wise and sanity-wise) have you simplified and how?


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We All Need a Partner

Brothers, Competition, Support System. They push each other to be better.

Brothers, Competition, Support System. They push each other to be better.

I took my twin boys out driving the other day. Twin A had a really good day. Twin B had a fairly off day. As twins their dynamic is always fascinating. They compete with each other and it serves them well. They work hard to edge out each other out. However, they also have a natural support system. They know when to stop competing and start encouraging instead.

As I watched the boys do their competitive/encouragement merry-go-round it dawned on me how much we all need a partner Continue reading

Are You Disrespectful of Your Readers or Fellow Writers?

Do Not Enter


Do you really care about your readers? Do you care about the writers and/or readers who attend your conferences, workshops, and author readings? Let’s find out.

Everyone has an opinion. That’s good. Life would be miserably boring if we all thought alike. There would be no differences. It’s why politics is such a hot-bed of chaos.

Sadly, over the past twelve years, elections have become more and more volatile. Couple that hatred with the ease of spouting off on social media and everyone is lambasting everyone.

Three Ways You’re Disrespecting Your Reader: Continue reading

Four Magazines You Never Knew Existed

Sometimes when searching the internet I stumble across some bizarre things. Case in point: These four magazines.



I don’t doubt that there are people in need of tips on facilitating meetings, but the title? Oy Vey!







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My “Go-To” Writing Books

Go-To Writer Books

We all have books we go back to time and time again. We have our fiction pile, our non-fiction pile, and our craft pile. Today, I’m sharing my favorite “go-to” pile of writing books.

In no particular order I present: Continue reading

Lists I Love, Part 3: The Bill of Rights

Grunge American Flag for Independence Day. Vector Illustration

You can view the first two lists I love at these links: List 2: Rules of the Rebellion and List 1: The Ten Commandments

This week’s list is The Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights encompasses the first ten amendments to the Constitution. So yes, if you made fun of Trump for his 11th amendment, you are the one who is wrong. There are actually 27 amendments to the Constitution. The first ten that were ratified make up the Bill of Rights. Continue reading

Part Two: Lists I Love – Rules of the Rebellion

Last week I posted the number one list I love – you can find it Here.

This week, I’m swooning over this list by Steve Kamb who wrote Level Up Your Life (link will take you to Amazon because I thoroughly believe everyone needs this). It’s kind of self-help meets rules for life meets tough love. And that is why I love it! Kick-Ass Cheerleader is so happy right now (she wears a leather jacket, black jeans, and instead of cheering with pom-poms, she cheers with a swift kick to the keester with her kick-ass boots). Continue reading

Lists I Love, Part One: The Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments

Lists I Love, Part One: The Ten Commandments

I’m a list lover so I figured “why not share some of my favorite lists of all time?” starting with the Ten Commandments.

A little background: I believe in God. I’m not some psycho religious fanatic like Carrie’s mother (Stephen King’s book, Carrie). I do try to live a decent Christian life. I’m not a regular church goer. I say prayers every night and sometimes during the day when I need encouragement or see or hear something tragic.

However, I have never read the whole Bible. That is something I’ve wanted to do and just never made it a priority. I’m happy to say, it’s a priority. I began reading the Bible from the beginning, who begat who and all, in February of this year (2016) and I’m currently on the book of 2 Samuel.

Before you read them I challenge you to remember all ten. I never read them all prior to reading the Bible from the beginning. I knew: #’s 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10. But all ten? Yeah, no, I didn’t know them all. Continue reading

Creepy and Cool Twins

Typical Twin Bickering

Typical Twin Bickering

When I discovered I was pregnant with twins I did what most people do: Freaked the heck out and then got busy researching anything and everything I could about twins. In all that research I learned creepy, cool, and bizarre twin stuff. Continue reading

Value the Small Things


My husband and I had to switch vehicles a few days ago. I drive a truck since I’m usually hauling a crew of boys around (and because, truth be told, I love the truck and its horn). My husband drives a little wagon perfect for decent gas mileage and getting in and out of tight spots, which is super for him because he’s all over the place for work. However, on this day I had a doctor appointment in Seattle. The garage at the doctor’s doesn’t accommodate anything over a peapod on wheels (yes, hyperbole, but not too far off). Hence the great vehicle swap of 2016. Continue reading