28-Days Personal Challenge Review – Day 28

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The Final Day of the Challenge Review

It’s the 28th day, the final day, which means it’s time for a challenge review. If you’ve been following along with your own goal, make sure you review what you learned.


When I began this challenge I told myself I didn’t need to worry about SEO status. However, I have the free Yoast plug-in on my site and I just couldn’t bring myself to post if I had an orange or red light. The downside is that I caved and made sure I got the green light on SEO before posting. The plus side, I understand SEO better after repeatedly dealing with it post after post.

It turns out, it was better for me to take the time to work on the SEO. It got better with each writing and I’m more aware of what I need to get the green light.

28 Days of Writing/Posting Is A Lot of Work

It should be obvious that it’s a lot of work, but I didn’t plan it through and I really struggled at the end of the second week and through the third week.

I didn’t account for any life hiccups. The biggest lesson I learned, have a backup plan. I missed four days, had to rework my original plan of 28-Days and then decided I wasn’t super clear so I figured 28 posts in 28 days were fine. Which meant, I had to double up posts on a few days to make that goal happen. Not what I planned, but I adjusted and it worked.

Better Clarity on What I Enjoy Posting

As I did my challenge review, I learned that the posts the bring me the most joy are informative. I like teaching people how to save money and reminding others that just the basic steps or essentials are all you really need to get anything started, whether it be an exercise program, a desire to learn something or start an at-home business. The basics are essential and plenty sufficient.

I also love encouraging others. We all need it. And I feel so much joy when I cheer someone on and see them go the distance.

Finally, I enjoy sharing new things that I’ve learned. I love sharing apps and videos and links that I’ve learned something from.

I’m not fond of some of my posts, they were just Eh. I mean I like trying to highlight different ways of seeing a situation. However, I don’t’ think I wrote them well enough. I don’t know that I can do that and do it well enough to post regularly.

The biggest lesson of this challenge review?

During this challenge, I wrote some posts that I really enjoyed: Day One – The Start of the Challenge, Finding Focus, My Morning Routine, Benefits of Basics, Diet and Exercise Basics.

After this challenge review, I’m ready to look closer at those posts and create more content like it.

Did you create your own 28-Day Challenge? If you did what did you learn?

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