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Part Two: Lists I Love – Rules of the Rebellion

Last week I posted the number one list I love – you can find it Here. This week, I’m swooning over this list by Steve Kamb who wrote Level Up Your Life (link will take you to Amazon because I thoroughly believe everyone needs this). It’s kind of self-help meets rules for life meets tough… Read More Part Two: Lists I Love – Rules of the Rebellion


Just Go For It

Sometimes you have to put worry aside and just go for it. Whatever “It” may be. I’ve struggled with blog posts over the years. I’ve tried to follow guidelines for building readers. I tried writing in a niche: writing about writing. Writing what I know – customer service, parenting (even though there’s no gauge that says… Read More Just Go For It

Live & Learn

Fun Bits For the Week

We all need fun moments, tiny bits of laughter, and motivation. Today, I thought I’d share some of the fun bits I’ve stumbled upon. The Odd: I think it’s the “again” that makes me snort. Maybe “reporting party” should ask the neighbor to share vet, food, and grooming costs?           In… Read More Fun Bits For the Week