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I Liked My Life – Review

“I found the perfect wife for my husband.” I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi (debut) ©2017 St. Martin’s Press Pages: 260 Agent: Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein Genre: Mystery First Person Present Tense Multiple Narrators First, I think I may have messed up a few past entries. I may have used multiple points of view to […]

Review: The Grownup

This is a short story and it’s an excellent use of first person. The Grownup By Gillian Flynn ©2014 Crown Publishing Pages: 62 First Person, Past tense This is a rare instance. A moment where the characters are despicable (pardon my sounding like Daffy Duck) and the opening profession is not something I would care about. […]

Pull Me Under by Kelly Luce

Pull Me Under by Kelly Luce Publisher: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux ©2016 261 pages Agent: Katherine Fausset Editor: Emily Bell Genre: Literary with a soft mystery bent as to why things happened Pull Me Under is about a lady (hafu – half Japanese, half American – bonus, learned a new word) who killed a classmate […]