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Simple Fun

Life is always hectic and even when it’s not, the overabundance that people assume means fun can be wearying. Case in point the fair. The big fair for whatever area you live in. It comes once a year. The kids get excited, the parents cringe at the ever increasing

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Are You Disrespectful of Your Readers or Fellow Writers?

  Do you really care about your readers? Do you care about the writers and/or readers who attend your conferences, workshops, and author readings? Let’s find out. Everyone has an opinion. That’s good. Life would be miserably boring if we all thought alike. There would be no differences. It’s why politics is such a hot-bed… Read More Are You Disrespectful of Your Readers or Fellow Writers?


Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Stifle your brain and the white page will drive you mad. Let your imagination run wild. Sometimes it will be scary, sometimes insightful, and usually, just plain far-fetched. The best thing about letting your imagination run rampant is the fodder it provides for articles, short stories, and novels. One small comment, sometimes one insignificant word,… Read More Let Your Imagination Run Wild