Thoughts On…

Thoughts on

(Apparently, my second-grade teacher approved when I learned how to think ) 

Today is a random thought day. A day where all the thoughts I’ve collected over the past few years are begging to be heard outside of my journal pages. Some, I may have shared, some I have not. Whatever the case, they are bumbling around, wanting attention.

They aren’t anything special, just tiny, piddly, thoughts. Some make me think, most make me smile.

On Cell Phones:

I used to think cell phones were overrated. Then I discovered two things that are ingenious.

1) My cell phone allows me to silence my sister and not get yelled at.

2) I can text my kids their chores. No longer must I listen to them sigh, huff, and beg for a reprieve. I head out to the store, pull over, and text what needs to be done before I get home. No groans, moans, fights over whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher. It all goes on without my knowledge, leaving me less stressed and happier.

On UPS Drivers:

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. If you want to be a UPS driver, you need to excel in Ding Dong Ditch. Those guys are good. The bell rings and by the time I run down eleven steps, there is a package on my doorstep and a rumbling in the distance.

On Power Outages:

I want pom-poms in my local power company’s colors. Then I can cheer them on when I see their trucks drive by to restore power. Heck, I’d even light off fireworks for them.

On Too Long Visits:

A person should never spend three meals and dessert at another person’s place unless they live there or have driven more than five hours to get there.

On Flying with Kids:

I’ve said this before and yet, every year there is a parent looking for advice on the best way to fly with kids. Listen up and you can have a very relaxing flight:

Fly Southwest Airlines. Wait until the last possible moment to claim your boarding pass. You want the C boarding pass, you do not want to take advantage of pre-loading or A pass seating. The key here is that C boarders have to take whatever seats are left over.

“Seat 43 A – you get little Johnny. You might want to stock up on air sickness bags.”

“Seat 21 B – You get little Suzie. You may want some headphones.”

“Seat 14 B – You get surly teen. Hope you have a lot of patience with the seat moving up and back, knee drumming, and sighs of ‘this is boring.'”

“Seat 2C – Scoot over and wake me when we land, please.”


If I pay a hefty penny for cable and use the email that comes with it, then I don’t want a pop up every time I log in that asks if I’d like to view the page contents securely? It’s my email, of course, I would love for you to keep it secure.


Your child who takes hours to answer you, days to complete his chores, weeks to finish homework, will de-friend you in .03 seconds if you comment on one of his social media sites.

What random thoughts have you had lately?


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