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Part Two: Lists I Love – Rules of the Rebellion

Last week I posted the number one list I love – you can find it Here. This week, I’m swooning over this list by Steve Kamb who wrote Level Up Your Life (link will take you to Amazon because I thoroughly believe everyone needs this). It’s kind of self-help meets rules for life meets tough… Read More Part Two: Lists I Love – Rules of the Rebellion


Creepy and Cool Twins

When I discovered I was pregnant with twins I did what most people do: Freaked the heck out and then got busy researching anything and everything I could about twins. In all that research I learned creepy, cool, and bizarre twin stuff.

Live & Learn

Fun Bits For the Week

We all need fun moments, tiny bits of laughter, and motivation. Today, I thought I’d share some of the fun bits I’ve stumbled upon. The Odd: I think it’s the “again” that makes me snort. Maybe “reporting party” should ask the neighbor to share vet, food, and grooming costs?           In… Read More Fun Bits For the Week