Just Go For It

Sometimes you have to put worry aside and just go for it. Whatever “It” may be. I’ve struggled with blog posts over the years. I’ve tried to follow guidelines for building readers. I tried writing in a niche: writing about writing. Writing what I know – customer service, parenting (even though there’s no gauge that says… Read More Just Go For It


Grandpa Might Come Back

Today I’m sharing a little insight. This isn’t just for writers, this is for everyone. We all have times where we struggle to move forward and find a mantra that propels us – helps us put one foot in front of the other – can make everything much easier to bear. I’m in the midst of… Read More Grandpa Might Come Back


Yes, You Do Have Time

I love encouragement. I also love the truth. Which makes it hard for me to trust a lot of the encouragement I receive because when people are supportive they tend to do little white lies or omissions. As in, “It’s okay you didn’t get to your writing, it’s hard to write with kids around.” When actually they’re… Read More Yes, You Do Have Time