Resource Round-Up for Painful Dry Hand Remedies

Writers and Dry Hands

As writers we experience weird things with our hands; crazy cold fingers during the winter, stiff joints or cramped fingers after long writing sessions, and now painfully dry hands during the quarantine.

Most of us have washed out hands well prior to this rotten virus, but now we are washing them or sanitizing them after we touch almost anything outside our home.

I’m assuming I’m not the only person with crazy painful fingers right now. Actually, I know I’m not, my twins’ hands are almost looking downright scary, with red, swollen hands due to the incredible dryness.

Today, I’m sharing a deluge of links to help you find a solution that works for you.

My solution to combat dry hands

My hands are getting rough and torn up. My index finger on my right hand snags all materials it’s so jagged. When I write or type or do anything that I move my finger for it cracks. Lotions are painful.

I decided to try what I usually do when my hands are getting dry or when I need to get tree sap off of them. That seemed to work as long as I added in a few other steps.

The first step, I sprinkle about a teaspoon or two of salt in my hand, then pour about a half of a tablespoon of olive oil into my palm. Then for the next thirty seconds, I scrub that around my hands, the salt targeting the rough stuff and the oil soothing the dry and painful areas. I have tried sugar instead of salt but that doesn’t seem to work as well for me.

Then I wash my hands in warm water and usually that does it. However, these are desperate times, so I now, tap off most of the water and then slather on a layer of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream.

Throughout the day, every time I wash my hands, I leave them a tad damp and apply more of the hand cream. That is making a huge difference with my crazy dry hands.

The thing to note with that particular hand cream

…is that a tiny dab will do. I use about twice as much of the cream after a salt and oil scrub down, then a regular dab.

ROUND-UP of Other Dry Hand Remedies/ Suggestions

  • Healthline’s 10 Remedies, Causes, and More offers a variety of ideas
  • Medical News Today has 11 tips; although, two suggestions are a bit difficult to avoid right now. Those being not to use soap and avoid stress.
  • UCLA Health as a few suggestions for dry hands during this time of COVID-19
  • VeryWellHealth has some wonderful information. I just discovered that one of my twins is showing signs of early dermatitis. So I will try some Hydrocortisone cream on his hands.

An Old Wives Tale that May Work

Hello Magazine has some old wives tales that they did a look into what works and doesn’t. The third one in is warm oil for dry hands, or dry cracked skin.

A Couple Articles with Their Recommendation for the Top Hand Creams

Two Specifically Aimed for Men with Dry Hands

I hope that one of these links brings you relief. Good luck and stay safe!

A little humor in jest reminder: I know people are couped up and near each other’s throats. Hang in there and remember murder is still illegal.

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