Thoughts on

Thoughts On…

(Apparently, my second-grade teacher approved when I learned how to think )  Today is a random thought day. A day where all the thoughts I’ve collected over the past few years are begging to be heard outside of my journal pages. Some, I may have shared, some I have not. Whatever the case, they are […]

Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg

The Iceberg A beautiful peak floating in the ocean. Just like most things that have a peak, it also has a wide base. Unlike a mountain where we see the massive width before we get to the top, the iceberg hides its base. When the Titanic struck the ol’ berg people didn’t think too much […]

Imagination Run Wild

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Stifle your brain and the white page will drive you mad. Let your imagination run wild. Sometimes it will be scary, sometimes insightful, and usually, just plain far-fetched. The best thing about letting your imagination run rampant is the fodder it provides for articles, short stories, and novels. One small comment, sometimes one insignificant word, […]