The 5 Best Resources for Introverts

Best Resources for Introverts

Introverts are okay

Introverts rejoice! We’re finally getting some love. Blog posts, websites, magazines, and books are letting the rest of the world know that there’s nothing wrong with us. Finally, we’re not told to come out of our shells, stop daydreaming, and socialize more. Okay, we’re still told this, but at least we have resources to show our extroverted family and friends that we aren’t alone and we’re doing well.

The greatest part of all this attention is that myths are finally dispelled. We aren’t shy darn it! We just don’t do well with small talk. No, we aren’t afraid of social situations, we just have to be in the right frame of mind and we need a few months between events to regroup. We can be fun. Heck, we can even be the life of the party. We may need seven months or more to recuperate from that full-on moment, but we can do it, at least once in our life.

In honor of introverts everywhere here are some of the best links on the subject:

Let’s start with a laugh. Erin La Rosa’s, 27 Problems Only Introverts Will Understand is fabulous – truth in jest at its best. I shared this with my whole family. They all agree with #24, #4, #7, #9, oh heck, all of them.

Carolyn Gregoire’s, 23 Signs You’re Secretly an Introvert, is a more succinct version of the above piece.

Since we all have to make a living, Emily Schuman’s piece, Networking for Introverts provides helpful tips for those moments when we want to clam up and go into our bubble, but know we can’t.

How to Survive A Party or Social Gathering As An Introvert, by Eric Ravenscraft has life tips for those times you must let your family and friends know you’re still alive.

Why Introverts Make Great Leaders by Meghan Keaney Anderson is the proof that we can succeed because of our introversion. My absolute favorite quote from her article is:  “If you’re not the center of attention in a social situation, you have the freedom to observe people more closely. You can better assess a room, understand what motivates each person within it and what holds them back.”

I hope this post has given you a smile and a jump start for your next networking or social event.

Now, from one introvert to another, go enjoy some solitude.

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