Abandoned Buildings – Day 24

28-Day Personal Challenge I have an infatuation with abandoned places and buildings. Always have. I love the beauty in the decay. Even if all that remains is a chunk of foundation. Abandoned Loading Docs When my family moved to Montana, we bought a house on the edge of town. Our house was in town limits, […]

Three Simple Recipes – Day 23

28-Day Personal Challenge Today, I’m going to share three of our favorite, simple, go-to recipes. First, I’m not a chef. I am not good with measurements or cook times. Sorry. Cook at your own risk. All recipes will be as we make them, so no nutritional or serving sizes will be listed. Because I don’t […]

Web Surfing – Day 22

28-Day Personal Challenge I do a lot of web surfing. We all do, I’m sure. It’s part curiosity and part my desire to learn new things. For Post #22 of the 28-Day Challenge, I’m going to share just a few of my surfing sessions over the past two days. Exercises The weather has been rainy […]

Love of Reading – Day 21

28-Day Personal Challenge For the love of reading! Seriously, though, I love reading. And writing. But this post is about my love of reading. My history of that love, I guess. The Turkey Book So I didn’t start out loving reading. I always loved writing, I used to write pages and pages of stuff before […]

A Week of Meditation

A Week of Meditation

Lately, I’ve been agitated. On edge. Easily frustrated. A huge part of that is I haven’t been running or walking as much. Another part is that I’m loading my plate a bit more and setting higher goals, increasing my writing productivity. My husband (Mr. Skeptic) told me meditation can help. Mind you, he doesn’t meditate. […]

Know Your Personality

Know Your Personality

If you know your personality, then you can better identify your triggers and your soul-soothers. The other day my friend and I volunteered for our kids’ high school band program by helping out at a dog show. We walked laps around the building and chatted. We are opposites on the social spectrum. M’s personality is […]