March 2020 – What I Read, Wrote, Learned

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Read, Wrote, Learned (RWL)

The reason I’m sharing this is that its part of my lifestyle. People in the beauty industry share what they use for makeup and the other fashion choices they are drawn to. So why don’t we writers share more often what we read, wrote, and learned?

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What I Read this Month

I’m not going to list everything I read or you’ll get tired and run away screaming. However, I will share a variety of things that have piqued my interest.


Strange Crime – I love books that give me bite-size information. They are great for when I’m stirring something up for dinner or for when my husband says he’s ready to go, but keeps running around the house.

The book of Leviticus in the Bible.

Spellbinding Sentences by Barbara Baig- This book is double-dipping categories, actually, it kind of hits all three targets. I’m reading it, but I’m writing some exercises from it, and I’m most definitely learning from it. I think it’s important to continue learning. Especially, when it comes to your craft.

The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne – This is a short story. It kind of surprised me. It’s a bit Poe-esque, although there’s seems to be a little less sinister vibe like most of Poe’s work. I love Poe, so this was a pleasant surprise.

After Anna by Lisa Scottoline – I just started this read, but I will have it completed by the end of next week, so I’m including it here.


O Magazine, The Foodnetwork Magazine, Health Magazine


Clearly, I’m like everyone else and I follow links to what’s going on in the world, so I’ve read about Corona Virus from multiple sources.

I’ve followed some of my favorite blogs, but I realized that I should do a better job of writing down the links to articles that I want to highlight each month. Mental note made for April’s round-up of what I read, wrote learned.

What I Wrote

I’ve revised Chapter One of my novel that is tentatively titled Abandoned. Pretty sure that I will change that title, there are way too many books with the same title out there and I don’t think it serves the book well. It’s just a working title. Actually, it’s the second working title. The first title was way off the mark.

I’ve written four blog posts: this one that I’m currently writing – obviously. Plus: How to Decide What to Blog About, Blog Format, and 5 Rational Links On COVID-19.

I’ve also taken countless notes from Spellbinding Sentences and have completed a variety of the book’s practices.

What I Learned

  • Doing taxes with twins is interesting. We discovered the best software for them to file their taxes was the free H&R Block online option. That version didn’t charge extra for some of the forms they had like the 1098-E? T?
  • How to Make 100 Pin Images Super Fast – from‘s YouTube Post.
  • I’ve learned that when people post where to find toilet paper on social media it makes that supply run out fast.
  • I’ve also learned that in a crisis, social media is not great. At first, it seems awesome that people share information. Until you realize that half of the information is utterly wrong and the other half is just fear-mongering. People post clips of empty store shelves. Once you get in, yes, most of the canned vegetables have been wiped out. However, there are frozen veggies and lots of perishables to choose from. It’s not as dire as some people make it.

What have you read, wrote, and learned this month?

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