Blog Format

Blog Format

The next step – blog format.

Last week I dealt with learning what to blog about, this week I’m focusing on my blog format.

Unexpected Outcome

I went through my posts from last month, all 28 posts. I learned I need to add a new step to this process. Edits. In my haste to put out content without second-guessing myself, I didn’t reread any of my 28 posts after writing them. Now, I need to go back and make some edits.

One good thing about not rereading, I didn’t pull any post. No matter how dull it was, I kept it and put it out there. I had to do that. You see, I will over-think anything. Many times I have spent hours on posts, emails, and social media responses only to delete them. The more I revise, the more fearful I become and I almost always end up deleting what I’ve written.

It’s not like the responses or posts are on a touchy subject. They’re mostly simple responses. But I wonder if a comment sounds too friendly on another writer’s FaceBook, page. Will they think I’m trying to be all chummy? If I’m responding to someone I don’t know, I wonder if they’ll get my humor.

Then I delete what I write and swing a full 180 when I try again. I end up sounding cold on the other writer’s page and dull and uncaring on the other page. It’s a vicious cycle.

I’m here to tell you all, just put it out there and edit later if that’s what you need to do. I survived. No one wrote to me and told me I was an inept moron. That’s not to say I’ll never get an email like that, but for now, all is well.

Back on Track – Blog Format

As I said, I read through all the posts. I took notes on each post, what I liked and didn’t like, what worked, what didn’t. And, I’ve already decided on one post a week for now.

One thing I really didn’t like was the abrupt end to most of my posts. When I go back to tidy things up in edits, I’ll be fixing those rough spots.

Then I took time and poured over the notes. I definitely enjoy my Kick-Ass Cheerleader. I wrote these posts before the 28-Day Personal Challenge, but they still resonate with me. The Kick-Ass Cheerleader is that honest person who will straight up tell me the hard stuff. The stuff that I know deep down I need to do but am either fearful of doing, confused on what the next steps are, or have flat-out procrastinated on finishing.

I also enjoy sharing the basics of pretty much anything. Two other topics that I like: Round-up posts on items, websites, apps, information of any kind and sharing what I read, what I write, and what I learn.

Taking all that in consideration I’ve decided on my blog format:

  • First Tuesday of the month: Kick-Ass Cheerleader posts. Also known as encouragement posts.
  • Second Tuesday of the month: Back to Basics posts.
  • Third Tuesday of the month: Round-up posts.
  • Fourth Tuesday of the month: What I Read, What I Wrote, What I Learned posts.
  • The Rare Month with a Fifth week: A Random post on whatever strikes my fancy.

Almost Ready

After these steps, I’ve gained some clarity on my blog format. I figured come March, I would be writing the posts by category. However, I’ve learned there’s still more work to do before I get there. While I get this blog ready, I’m taking you on this learning journey with me.

Right now, I want to set April as my big start time, but I have a few more things to do and while I believe I’ll be ready by April, I don’t want to set it in stone because I may discover something else.

Changes are okay. This is my plan right now. I will give this plan time to work, preferably six months, but if something is obviously not working I won’t fret and shut down all-together because I am not doing what I expected. I’ll make adjustments as I go along. Small adjustments, one at a time.

Checklist of To-Dos

I still have a few other things to tend to before getting this blog on track and chugging along smoothly.

  • Best Time and Day to post each week: I would like to make sure I’m posting at a good time. Turns out its not as clear cut as you’d think. Apparently, it is based on what you want from your blog, to be seen more, read more, shared more, or commented on more. Check out this post on BlogTyrant for more information.
  • Clean up my About page. Make it a little more professional.
  • Send my first newsletter.

Once I check those tasks off I think I’ll be ready to go into my planned blog format beginning in April. Then the other tasks will come along later, like whether I want to do affiliate links, sponsored posts, etc….

As I work this plan I hope you’re enjoying the inside workings of how one writer is setting up or resetting her blog. I do truly hope that this brings some encouragement and maybe some helpful steps for you if you’re in the same boat.

Any comments on suggestions, encouragements, and/or other areas I’ve overlooked are always welcome.

Have a great day,


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Diane DeMasi is a freelance writer and author. As a freelancer she writes articles, blog posts, newsletters, web content, catalog copy, and more. As an author she writes dark, twisted, creepy short stories and novels.

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