Led Astray: Sites that sucked me in and sent me through rabbit holes of fun

“Please deboard the plane and get lost in the surroundings.”

I go in for research and I get lost in the beauty of decay, the horrifying stories of yesterday and today, and the minutiae of subjects I know nothing about.

Today is a round-up of a few things that have pulled from my charted path this week.

Birthday Ninja is where I went to locate tidbits of my son’s special day (which of course delayed me because then I had to look up everyone’s birthday). He’s a Fourth of July baby. Well, he’s not a baby anymore, but in my mind, he’s still a little boy…I wonder when, or if, that thinking will change?

Spooked In Seattle because my husband has some vacation coming up and we figured a spooky-ish tour would be fun for the whole family. Mainly the underground part. Kind of jealous as my husband has some accounts that have access to sections that aren’t on any tour (yes, we have already done the Seattle Underground tour).  In the end, I got sidetracked checking out all the tours they offer and their Death Museum information.

Bullet Journal – I’m in need of a new planner and nothing seems right. I’ve been curious about this for over a year now and have finally decided to give it a go. I wanted the general gist of the bullet journal phenom (the link takes you to a LifeHacker post) and also wanted layout ideas. Of course, I made the mistake of checking out Pinterest for Bullet Journal ideas and that was a rabbit hole fest of fun. I’m not artistically talented, so my journal will be fairly basic, but it was inspiring to see all the designs and layouts and ideas. I didn’t include the Pinterest search because, well, there is a lot to get lost in there.

Product Hunt – I wanted to see what is new in apps or tools for writers. I ended up getting lost in a sea of gadgets and apps that I will clearly never need or use, but it was fun.

Jet Pens – I’m sure I’ve mentioned this place before, but I can spend a few hours looking at pens, inks, notebooks, etc…. They even have videos on how to use different products, such as fountain pens. They have blog posts about the best pens for whatever. Maybe you want to learn how to use brush pens, they have guides on the best pens by quality, price, subject for which you plan to use them, etc…

Just a few of the sites that grabbed me away. What are the sites that you get lost in?



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