16 Motivational Exercise Quotes To Get You Moving

Motivational Exercise Quotes


Some days we lack the desire to exercise. Whether it’s because we got a cruddy night’s sleep or plain old lack of motivation, sometimes it’s hard to find the oomph.

Find a quote that speaks volumes to you. Print it. Tape it beside your bed. Look at it. Live it.

HASFIT.COM has many great motivational memes. Here are three from their archives to kick off this list:

HasFit 1


HasFit 3

Ecard LovetorunFound at: I Love to Run 

ItSuxToBeFatFound at: ItSuxToBeFat

ImagarcadeFound at: imgarcade


Found at: FitSugar

GeniusQuotesFound at GeniusQuotes

GymDollFound at: GymDoll

Achieve Life QualityFound at: Achieve Life Quality


Found at: Aceimgs

LeanItUp - CopyFound at: LeanItUp

LeanItUp 2Found at: LeanItUp

FunnyPicsFound at: Funny Pics

Young and WildFound at: Young, Wild, and Fit

SoreyFitnessFound at: Sorey Fitness

No more excuses, start now, start tomorrow, just start!

Have a fitness motivation that keeps you moving? Please share, I rotate through my favorites and would love to add more.

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