Schedule Changes, College Tours, and Emotional Outbursts

Schedule Changes, College Tours, and Emotional Outbursts

Schedules Change

Of all the emotional tolls over the past week, the one that I know I will adjust the easiest to is my husband’s new work schedule. Changing my writing times has been something that I do with every new season in life. Whether it be learning to write while tots terrorize or while seated in stadium bleachers with gloves on my fingers or parked in dark parking lots doing the delicate balance of saving gas by keeping the car off and saving battery while keeping the overhead light on, I’ve learned to take the opportunities when I have them.

It doesn’t mean it’s easy to adjust to a new writing time or writing place, it just means, I know that I can figure it out and make it work. I may not want to, but I will. I’m semi-moody during the first week of writing time adjustment, but I always find a way.

College Tours

Spring Break sprung last week at my boys’ high school. We (and many other parents of high-school juniors) took the opportunity to tour colleges. Well actually, me and the boys, dear husband stayed home in blissful silence. He watched what he wanted when he wanted, and how loud he wanted. He slept in. And, he relived his single years…not fully, he didn’t go that single. We are both introverts, I was jealous. But, he did clean the whole house. He vacuumed every day. He cleaned the windows. Not just the window panes, the window tracks, with all the gunk that accumulates over the years. Yeah, he did that. I’m a lucky woman.

Meanwhile, the boys and I drove hundreds of miles, and walked many thousands of steps, and listened to hours of information. We were up early each day and traveling until late.

The first stop for less than 24 hours was WSU. Twin B has his heart set on being a Cougar. I have family in the area (mom, younger sister, grandma, niece), so along with college tour and meeting with the director of the music program, we crammed in dinner, visiting, and super-sonic sight-seeing (think Chevy Chase in Vacation viewing the Grand Canyon…no I didn’t swipe cash for a check).

Then we drove up to EWU. Twin A desires to be an Eagle. Birds and cats don’t mix, don’t my kids understand this? I have to say, I love the feel of that college a bit more. After the campus and dorm tour, we met my older sister for lunch. She doesn’t live super close but is about an hour away, so it worked out well.

During all the driving, the boys and I had great conversations and brainstorming sessions. Have I mentioned how much I love my boys? I do.

Emotional Outbursts

After arriving home, I became quite moody. I couldn’t place my finger on it. I was happy, then sad. Super happy, then super sad. It was ridiculous. Then I realized it was reality. It hit hard. I know the boys have another year of school left, but we don’t even have another year before locking down school plans and accommodations and it’s going to fly by insanely fast. And that’s what hopped up my emotions. I’m doing better now, but I’m still hitting the highs and lows, happy and proud, and then sad, and clingy. My kids aren’t clingy. It’s awkward when I grab them into my arms and they stand there looking to their father for help.  He shrugs and walks away. The boys do a light pat on my back and then worm their way out of my arms.

So I’m giving a PSA to all parents whose kids are considering college. No one warned me that the college tours would launch me into a loop-de-loop of emotions. So, parents, I’m passing on the information, the tours will send reality kicking and punching through your emotional warehouse.

Have you ever had something throw you into an emotional tizzy? Something you didn’t realize would hit quite as hard as it did?



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