Fun Bits For the Week

We all need fun moments, tiny bits of laughter, and motivation. Today, I thought I’d share some of the fun bits I’ve stumbled upon.

The Odd:

I think it’s the “again” that makes me snort. Maybe “reporting party” should ask the neighbor to share vet, food, and grooming costs?

Fun Bits for the Week






In the “Who Knew?” Department: 

Because if I didn’t know this and a lobster started moving, I’d be freaking out.

Frozen Lobsters





The Funny:

This mom hasn’t figured out rule number one: ask “Where are you?” first. I know this because I did a similar text once. My son still hasn’t let me live it down. He also hasn’t let me live down the time I tried to catch him when he was falling and nearly poked his eye out. On the plus side, I learned to let him fall.

Funny Texts











The Motivational:

Sometimes you have to ignore the logical side and take a chance…so long as it’s not a life-threatening chance – just felt the need to clarify that.


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