1. I enjoyed the review but I was a little surprised at your reaction to the lack of acknowledgements. I rarely read acknowledgements (unless I’m looking for a special piece of information). I think of them as more of a thank you note from the author to whoever they want to thank, which they may prefer to do privately. I doubt I’d even notice if that section was not included.

    • Diane DeMasi

      Hi LD!
      Sorry such a late response, I installed a plug-in to filter spam and I have a hard time noticing when an actual comment rolls in. I have so much to learn.

      I like your thought about the aknowledgements. Maybe I was too harsh. I figure it takes so many people to bring a book to the reader that they deserve some attention. They work just as hard revising and editing and pointing out where plot holes are and where there needs to be more character development. Plus they negotiate everything for the author. There is so much work they do that I feel they deserve a little credit. Just like every movie has the credits to acknowledge all those who’ve put in time and effort to bring that film to life, it’s the same for a book.

      Plus I’ve found some really interesting nuggets buried in the acknowledgements; A tidbit on research, a touch of background from the author, an insight to something exciting, etc….

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