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K.A. Cheerleader: Want to be the Best? Work for it.

I’ve been watching way too many competition shows lately: Master Chef, Food Truck Race, one episode of America’s Next Top Model (I’m too old for that much drama, I want to go all psycho mom on the people and clean up their attitudes), and some old Survivor episodes. A common theme is people who want… Read More K.A. Cheerleader: Want to be the Best? Work for it.

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Grandpa Might Come Back

Today I’m sharing a little insight. This isn’t just for writers, this is for everyone. We all have times where we struggle to move forward and finding a mantra that propels us – helps us put one foot in front of the other – can make everything much easier to bear.

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Mark Your Calendars

  Yep, this is happening. I am proud to announce I have a piece (No One Listened) in the upcoming Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Premonitions. I love these books, I’ve read them for many years. The stories have brought me to tears, made me smile, and produced uncontrollable laughter. Every story has provided… Read More Mark Your Calendars

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Benefits of Exercise

  I haven’t fallen off the health wagon completely. I’m holding onto the underside of the carriage in hopes of working my way back up. As I wiggle and squirm to hold on, I’ll share why exercise is so important to me: